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Adding an icon to Transferr is easy, just click the 'Add an Icon' button on your Transferr page and type or paste the address of the page you wish to add. Transferr will then make an icon for that page, including a screenshot of the page.

Screenshots can sometimes take a while to make; while the screenshot is being made you will see the 'Icon being made' graphic. The new screenshots, once made, will not appear until the page is refreshed.
Added a document? Transferr recognises certain file-types from the web address of the document, such as Microsoft Office Word documents, text files, images, videos, FTP addresses, and many more, and Transferr adds custom document icons instead of a screenshot.

If you already have bookmarks saved in your web-browser or on another social bookmarking website, we have detailed instructions outlining how to import your bookmarks from your browser or site onto Transferr. You can import your bookmarks at any time by visiting the add page, or click here to import bookmarks now.

To make adding an icon to Transferr even easier, you can visit our tools page and add the Transferr browser bookmarklet to your web-browser. The bookmarklet allows you to add any page to Transferr with a single click of the 'Add to Transferr' button in your browser toolbar.

Transferr is also available on the AddThis button. The AddThis button is a button found on many popular websites which allows you to share the page the button is located on with hundreds of social networking sites and social bookmarking sites, including Transferr! To use the AddThis button, just choose Transferr from the AddThis button menu and the page will be added to your Transferr icons.
Bookmark and Share

Edit and organise

Once you have some icons, you can re-arrange them by dragging and dropping them. To do this, click and drag the top of any icon.

Icons can also be organised into Tabs. Tabs can be added, deleted, re-ordered and shared from the Manage Tabs button on the top-right of the main page.

When your mouse is over an icon, you can see the options spanner in the bottom right corner of the icon. Click this spanner to open the Options menu.

The options menu allows you to delete, re-name, re-colour and move icons between tabs. You can also share the icon with others using the AddThis button.

When the screenshot of an icon needs updating, you can click the 'Refresh' button located in the Options menu. This will then add the screenshot to our queue of icons, and a new and updated screenshot will soon be visible.

Share with others

Tabs can be shared from the Manage Tabs page. If you would like to share a tab with others, click the Share Tab button on the Manage Tabs page. You will then see confirmation of the tab's shared status and will see the custom web address. Clicking the web address will take you to that shared tab. Shared tabs will be visible to anyone, logged into Transferr or not, who knows or is given the custom permalinked web address which each shared tab is allocated. Click here to see a live example.

An AddThis button is included on the shared tab page to allow the shared tabs to be shared further on social networking sites, or bookmarked with other services. Shared tab can be saved as an icon to your own Transferr icons by clicking the 'Save to my Transferr account' button.

If you find a shared tab which violates the Terms of Use of Transferr, please 'Flag' that shared tab by clicking the 'Flag this' button.

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