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Transferr is an online service which allows users to add their favourite websites as icons to a personal page. Users can customise their icons with colours, organise them with tabs and drag and drop and share them with friends or colleagues.

Web developers looking to offer Transferr integration to their own sites can do so by using the AddThis Button:

Bookmark and Share

The AddThis Button allows web developers to provide access to hundreds of social bookmarking and social networking websites through a single button. Included on this list of social bookmarking sites is Transferr: users can click the AddThis button, select Transferr, and an icon will be saved to their personal Transferr page.

Transferr also allows website owners and developers to directly integrate with Transferr. This not only benefits your users, but is a great way to allow people to bookmark and share your icons, potentially raising your web-traffic. If you are a developer or own a website, you can use our TrURL system, which adds an icon for your webpage to a Transferr user's page.

Our TrURL automatically detects the page on which the TrURL embed code (see below) is located, so all you need to do is follow our
instructions to add the TrURL to your page.

Its really easy to add too, all you need to do is copy and paste one of the codes below into the HTML of your webpage, and we'll do the rest.

Large Embed Button

Add to Transferr
In-Text Embed

The TrURL works with any HTML page.we host the images you require so you don't need to download anything: just copy the code.

If you want to read about Advanced functions of the TrURL system, please read our Developer's Guide [PDF].